It's Happening to Someone I Know

I am concerned about someone I know: what does violence look like?


Recognize the signs of Domestic Violence. Is someone close to me a victim?
For Example
  1. Are they missing an unusual amount of work?
  2. Are they missing appointments?
  3. Are they isolating themselves from their everyday activities, family and friends?
  4. Are they showing up with bruises on their body?
  5. Are they expressing that their partner is showing a lot of control or jealousy?
  6. Are there signs that their partner is putting them down, hurting them, or making them feel crazy?
Respond: Respond by listening and supporting
  1. You can check in with them to see how they have been doing, asking if they feel safe.
  2. You can bring up what you have been noticing and express your concern to them.
  3. You can listen with empathy and an open mind.
  4. You can listen to understand and not to give your point of view.
  5. You can believe them.
  6. You can avoid victim-blaming comments. (Why don’t you just leave, etc.)
  7. You can empower them to explore and express what they feel is best for them.
  8. You can leave an open door for them, while still establishing your own boundaries.
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