About Us

Domestic violence is a complex problem with no simple solution. Yet we’ve collected a team of experts focused on one single goal: Ending the Violence within our community. This is a big dream, but together, we are making a community impact. And here’s how we do it. We exist to educate, collaborate, and innovate.

Why We Exist

End the Violence Coalition has been around in various forms since the early 1990s. Its primary purpose is the elimination of domestic violence through collaboration and partnership with community agencies/entities made up from various sectors including law enforcement, government officials, victim advocacy groups, treatment providers, school representatives, and family and child-serving organizations, amongst others. The Coalition is focused on preventing domestic violence; educating the general public and creating awareness about domestic violence; and continued community collaboration and coordination in eliminating domestic violence.

End the Violence Coalition's Vision

We envision a safe, equitable, and thriving community.

End the Violence Coalition's Mission

Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition’s mission is to empower and educate our collective community to end the violence.

End the Violence Coalition's Values

We value collective action focused on Prevention, Education and Awareness, Accountability, Collaboration, Equity and Social Justice. We value the voices of those most impacted by domestic violence. These values drive our efforts to end the violence.

Statement of Equity and Social Justice

End the Violence Coalition’s vision is to have ALL PEOPLE live in a safe and secure home as it uses leadership, networking, connecting of organizations, and resources to move the Spokane region in the direction of ending family violence and trauma through coordinated community response model.
End the Violence Coalition’s mission is the elimination of domestic violence through increased collaboration and partnerships with community agencies focusing on awareness, education, prevention, and accountability.
End the Violence Coalition recognizes that implicit bias exists in our organizations, institutions, and communities. Using principles of equity and social justice, End the Violence Coalition is committed to transforming racialized and discriminatory policies and practices in our organizations, institutions, and communities. End the Violence Coalition’s utilizes its partnerships to increase equitable treatment by our institutions, socially just policies, equitable access to resources and services, and outreach and education to all communities.

Founding Funders

Community Partners


The End the Violence Coalition (ETVC) developed their five-year strategic plan to reduce domestic violence. Reports and data show that Spokane experiences higher rates of child abuse, neglect, and other forms of violence than other areas of the state. Domestic violence calls to law enforcement rose 40% in 2020, while the COVID-19 pandemic continues to amplify disparities and add stress in our community.
To stop this trend, ETVC and partners have created this strategic plan to ensure:
1. All community members can access information they need to end the violence.
2. Accountability and safety for victims.
2. Systems that inspire trust among all community members.
4. Equitable services and resources available to those impacted by or at risk of domestic violence.
5. Community-supported, whole family healing for families.
The strategic planning process was funded by the Innovia Foundation, Kalispel Tribe of Indians and Casino, MultiCare, Numerica Credit Union, and Providence Health Care.
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